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Managing and supplying water

BRL Exploitation (BRLE) provides local authorities, farmers, industrials and individual consumers with an array of solutions for secure water supplies from controlled, quality sources.

BRLE delivers 24/7 pressure supplies and customer advice to ensure the most rational, economical use of water, however it is used (see network maps and irrigation advice). 

BRLE is active in the following areas either as a public services manager or a service provider:

  • Using, managing and operating water conveyance and storage facilities,
  • Water treatment and distribution (irrigation water, industrial water, drinking water) and waste water treatment,
  • Large dam and hydropower plant operation and monitoring,
  • Consultancy on the operation of hydraulic infrastructure,
  • Technical assistance to farmers,
  • Advice and sale of irrigation equipment,
  • Agro-environmental consultancy (sludge recycling, fertiliser spreading plans)
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