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Group presentation

Founded 60 years ago in 1955, BRL is now a group comprising several companies:

BRL, the parent company, is the Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrenees Regional Council's Regional Water System concession-holder. It is the asset manager in charge of modernising and extending the water system (Aqua Domitia programme). BRL is also the group holding company. As such, it provides shared services for all the group companies.

BRL Exploitation manages and operates the Regional Water System and other infrastructure (dams, water and sewerage networks and irrigation schemes) in Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrenees and other administrative regions in France. Its skills and expertise (studies, works, advice and equipment sales) are dedicated to water saving irrigation. BRLE also works abroad providing support to BRL Ingénierie.

BRL Ingénierie works in France and abroad on water, the environment and land-use management. Its experts champion major challenges related to climate change adaptation, drought and flood prevention, sea defence and integrated coastal zone management, biodiversity conservation and the transition towards renewable energy.

BRL Espaces Naturels, is the Group's "plants and landscape" subsidiary company. Specialising in the creation and maintenance of public and private landscaping projects, it has its own nurseries, Pépinières BRL, one of the largest ornamental plant-producing nurseries in the South of France.

PREDICT Services, set up in 2006 in association with Météo France and EADS, offers an innovative spectrum of expertise dedicated to natural risk prevention and helps local councils and businesses make the right decisions to manage emergencies (floods, storms, etc.).