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Water and environment engineering

BRL Ingénierie is an international consulting firm offering specialised engineering services in areas related to water, the environment and regional land-use management. BRL Ingénierie works in France and in over 80 other countries in the world for local councils and authoritiesfor large international funding organisations and for a great many private clients (from the food industry, the construction industry...).

With over 190 staff (engineers, consulting experts and highly specialised technicians), 50% of BRL Ingénierie’s regularly increasing turnover comes from activities abroad.

BRL Ingénierie (BRLI) offers a full spectrum of consultancy services :

  • Design engineering consultancy (technical studies, design and construction engineering and management services, planning land-use management and development, regional and sector planning, economic studies, environmental and permitting studies)
  • Project organisation and implementation (finance organisation and scheduling, works management and acceptance, DBO and PPP).
  • Management and operation (assistance with technical operation, financial management and sales management),
  • Assistance and training services (asset management assistance, technical assistance, training and knowledge transfer, etc.),
  • Institutional consultancy (institutional support, environmental assessment, institutional and organisational studies on water management, economic and pricing policy studies, users' organisation...).

BRLI's services can be grouped into the following core areas of activity:

  • Water for agriculture and food security
  • Drinking water and sanitation
  • Dams, water facilities and transfer systems
  • Water and risk
  • Integrated water resource management
  • Sea and coastal areas
  •  Navigation and ports
  •  Environmental assessment
  •  Biodiversity management and sustainable development
  •  Local area development


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