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Environmental concern

deployment of iso 14001 standards at brle

BRL Exploitation continues its management programme which integrates Risk, Quality, Safety and
Environment approaches. 

Based on waste recycling, pollution control, the use of environment-friendly practices and the reduction of water and power consumption, thanks to the Energy 4000 Plan, it has already curbed its power consumption per m3 of water pumped by 10%.

BRL Exploitation obtained ISO 14001 environmental certification in 2015 in all the areas where it works.

improving bulk untreated water network efficiency

In the frame of the Regional Public Water Service, BRL has been implementing forceful strategy to manage the efficiency of the Regional Water System

In three years, the efficiency of the network receiving water from the Monts d'Orb Dam went up by 10% to its current  80%, against only 40 to 50% on most other irrigation schemes in France. 

The strategy includes a programme to install flow measuring equipment on the main supply lines and asset management focussing on pipe replacement in places presenting the highest presumed leakage rates.