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Solidarity, local character and culture concerns

signature of the charter to prevent violence against women

In November 2013, BRL signed the regional charter to prevent violence against women and joined the Regional Observatory on the subject. The BRL Group provides useful victim and family contact details to all its employees and pledges to keep its management abreast of this delicate subject.

promoting equal opportunities

In November 2013, BRL took part in the Rencontres pour la Réussite (encounters: towards success) organised by FACE Gard. The forum allowed some 500 secondary school pupils from sensitive areas to talk to 30 companies about careers, training and the activities presented. After the forum, BRL welcomed 5 secondary school pupils in their last year to let them discover the group's activities. At the end of the visit, one of the classes attended a presentation on the BRL Group and the Aqua Domitia Project.

patronage and corporate foundations

The BRL Group makes contributions to the action of three corporate foundations: the regional institute for cancer research, the Musée Fabre foundation and Electriciens Sans Frontières (electricians without borders).

The action supported at Electriciens Sans Frontières is a 3-year project to produce hydroelectric power for use in 5 isolated villages on Phongsaly irrigation scheme in Laos. Also in Laos, BRLI worked on the drinking water supply to the village of Phone Xay near Luang Prabang in the frame of an international voluntary service posting.


The BRL Group has taken on several commitments to improve the social integration of minority groups. BRL has signed the charter for social integration drawn up by the Association des Paralysés de France (APF) in Languedoc-Roussillon and FACE Gard, to promote the employment of people with disabilities. BRL has also signed the LGBT charter drawn up by L'Autre Cercle thanks to the engagement of FACE Hérault on the subject. Lastly, BRL is also committed to supporting youths from priority education zones under the FACE Gard School-Enterprise Engagement Charter.