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Group holding company, Development planner

BRL, the parent company, fulfils the functions of a holding company and establishes Group strategy.

Under the umbrella of its General Management, it runs all the functional divisions and shared services of the Group (Finance, Human Resources and Joint Services, Legal and CSR, Communication, Internal Audit and IT).

BRL is also a development planner and a regional investor.

The parent company advocated regional development, creating the Regional Water System, now managed under the Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée Regional Council concession agreement. It is the asset manager in charge of the Aqua Domitia programme and the construction of new irrigation schemes.  

Land-use and development planning activities are steered by the Group's General Management

They are delivered by a special division, Direction de l'Aménagement et du Patrimoine (DAP) (land-use and heritage management division), which is in charge of:

  • investment projects within the development of the Regional Water System (asset management of Aqua Domitia and new irrigation schemes...),
  • local development and land-use studies relating to our areas of skills.
  • defining maintenance and upkeep policy for all the assets placed under the responsibility of BRL,

It also delivers services to the local authorities under special mandates or project management agreements for complex operations.

To perform its duties, the DAP uses the parent company's functional divisions and shared services as well as BRL Exploitation, which runs the water service farmed out under a lease agreement, including customer services, maintaining the water cycle, managing water quality and ensuring the safety of all the facilities and the service itself.

The DAP also calls on the specialised support of the BRL Group subsidiary companies: BRL Ingénierie (feasibility studies, design and construction engineering services, expert appraisals and advice), BRL Espaces Naturels (landscaping upkeep of the facilities) and Predict Services (assistance with flood risk management).

All in all, some 240 people employed by the BRL Group are involved in the Regional Water System.

Key facts

  • Workforce : 79
  • Turnover (2019) : 18 million Euros
Certification ISO 9001

Member of the World Water
competitiveness cluster