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Water Quality

The Regional Water System distributes drinking water to  1 million people in summer. It supplies water to about 35 000 ha of land, i.e. almost half the irrigated agricultural areas in Languedoc-Roussillon. 

The distribution of quality water, depending on the different types of use, is therefore the priority challenge faced by the Regional Public Water Service in which the Regional Water System is key. 

The programmes BRL develops in this framework aim to guarantee non-stop quality service, and to eliminate potential risks of pollution while complying with all the standards applicable to the different types of water delivered.
The water from the Regional Water System is raw water; it is untreated and is drawn directly from the natural environment

Its quality is suitable for transformation into drinking water and meets all the quality requirements for irrigation according to organic farming, Globalgap and Nature's Choice standards.

For several years now, the BRL website has been offering information about controlling the quality of the water distributed via the Regional Water System. In particular, since 2007, it includes special pages on PCBs.

A link to the French health ministry pages will show you the latest drinking water test results for your home town or village.

Public debate under the Aqua Domitia programme shows that, whether it is for human consumption or for irrigation, water quality is a sensitive subject on which it is important to continue and improve efforts to provide information.

The BRL web pages on Water quality have therefore been re-designed in a whole new section that will be regularly supplemented and updated.

These pages explain where the Regional Water System water comes from, how water quality is monitored and all the action taken to protect the water facilities and the water distributed.

All the information is split according to water use (drinking water, irrigation) for greater convenience for the users of the Regional Water System. 

Lastly, we have added a contact form to facilitate dialogue with BRL and BRL Exploitation.

 For more information about water quality, sources and uses of the water from the Regional Water System (quality control, etc.), see the French version.