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Water, Environment, Régional Development
Where does our water come from?


BRL has built and continues to manage water infrastructure and facilities in Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrenees, both in the frame of a concession agreement with the Regional Council (the Regional Water System) and on behalf of the Gard, Hérault, Aude and Pyrénées Orientales Departmental Councils.

The facilities supply numerous areas with water mainly drawn from renewable surface water bodies (the Rhone, dam reservoirs) to supplement locally existing water resources.

The maps below show BRL's customers where their water comes from: 
 BRL water in the Gard department 
 BRL water in the Hérault department
 BRL water in the Aude department 
 BRL water in the Pyrénées Orientales department

The maps also indicate the likelihood of restrictions on the use of certain sources of water during periods of drought.

For further information, download our three leaflets:

 the "Rhone System" based on the water transferred from the Rhone to meet the demand in the southern Gard and eastern Hérault,

 the "Orb System" supplied with water from Monts d'Orb Dam (western Hérault and southern Aude)

 the "Lauragais System", receiving water from Ganguise Dam (Lauragais Audois area).
"Rhone System" 
(French version)

"Orb System" 
(French version)

 "Lauragais System" 
(French version)


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