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Water, Environment, Régional Development

BRL Exploitation : impounding and distributing water

 BRLE activities

BRL Exploitation (BRLE) provides local authorities, farmers, industrials and individual consumers with an array of solutions for secure water supplies from controlled, quality sources.

BRLE delivers 24/7 pressure supplies and customer advice to ensure the most rational, economical use of water, however it is used (see network maps and irrigation advice). 

BRLE is active in the following areas either as a public services manager or a service provider:

Using, managing and operating water conveyance and storage facilities,

 Water treatment and distribution (irrigation water, industrial water, drinking water) and waste water treatment,

 Large dam and hydropower plant operation and monitoring,

 Consultancy on the operation of hydraulic infrastructure,

 Technical assistance to farmers,

 Advice and sale of irrigation equipment,

 Agro-environmental consultancy (sludge recycling, fertiliser spreading plans)

 Key facts

 Workforce: 217 (see organisation chart)

Turnover (2014) : 51 million Euros

    Certification : ISO 9001

  Certification : 
ISO 14001

  Certification : 
ISO 50001

 Nearby service

  9 offices and contact points in Languedoc-Roussillon for greater proximity and availability 24/7 all year round (Contact details Local offices).

  Crews near Villerest dam (near Roanne),  Lavalette dam (near Saint-Etienne) and La Caserne dam (Mont Saint-Michel). 

 Significant experience

In Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrenees, BRL Exploitation manages an exceptional portfolio of water infrastructure and facilities :

 106 km of canals carrying water from the Rhone to Nîmes and Montpellier

 13 dams, intakes and reservoirs, representing a total capacity of almost 400 million m3, in the Hérault, Aude, Lozère and Pyrénées-Orientales departments: Monts d'Orb Dam, Ganguise Dam, the Rhone intake and Jouarres and La Pomarède reservoirs (Regional Water System, property of the LR Regional Council), Salagou Dam, Les Olivettes Dam and Matane reservoir (property of the Hérault Deparmental Council), Laprade Dam (property of the Aude Departmental Council), Vinça and Caramany Dams and Villeneuve de la Raho reservoir (property of the Pyrénées Orientales Departmental Council, and Naussac Dam (property of Etablissement Public de la Loire)

 5000 km of buried pipes,

 125 pumping stations,

 6 drinking water treatment plantsBRLE also works with 10 local council authorities to operate their drinking water and sewerage systems and waste water treatment plants (16 leases or public services management contracts);

 7 small hydroelectric power plants in the Aude (2 on the Laprade Dam feeder line), Hérault (Monts d'Orb and Salagou Dams), Lozère (Naussac Dam), Loire (Roanne small HPP), and Haute Loire (Lavalette Dam) Departments 

In FranceBRLE also manages and operates seven dams or reservoirs which:

 the extremely emblematic Barrage de la Caserne, (as part of a consortium led by Veolia), for the Syndicat Mixte de la Baie du Mont St-Michel, part of the programme to restore the sea around Mont Saint-Michel;

 Villerest Dam, belonging to Etablissement Public de la Loire, which controls the waters in the Loire to prevent flooding in Roanne, and

 Lavalette Dam, belonging to Saint Etienne Council, the city's main drinking water reservoir.

 Animated map of infrastructure and facilities managed by BRL showing the irrigated areas and schemes in Languedoc-Roussillon


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