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Water, Environment, Régional Development
Our values

BRL is committed to a certain number of fundamental values : a sense of public service, solidarity, equity and respect for human beings and for the environment.

With over 77% public shareholding, our Group ethics are based on : compliance with laws and regulations, and permanent concern for the health and safety of all our employees and of other people.

Our values and ethics transpire in our governance, our internal functioning and our daily work.

CSR, a central concern in all our activities 

The Group's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the pivot of the strategy adopted by the BRL Board of Directors in June 2012.

For Jean-François Blanchet, the General Manager of BRL, when the Regional Council launched a series of large-scale development programmes in 2012 in the frame of the Regional Public Water Service, it was only natural for BRL to strengthen its economic, environmental and social commitments:

"We intend to focus all our different forms of activity on these commitments. The guidelines set by our shareholders require us to ensure that the Regional Water System is at the service of our local areas, their inhabitants and the regional economy. The aim is to provide quality, safe service sparing on water and power, for a fair price, while promoting solidarity by making water available everywhere, in all local areas, whether urban or rural. It is also to promote partnerships between companies, universities and local stakeholders around the Regional Public Water Service, encouraging the trend in favour of the economy and employment in association with the World Water competitiveness cluster, of which BRL is the 1st Vice-President.

These guidelines have been intricately built into the management of the Group and its Quality and Risk Management approaches, into its ethical positioning placing the general public interest at the heart of its concerns in water management and other activities, into its involvement in the regional economy and in cooperation to be developed, among others with training, learning and research centres, to promote employment and innovation and to encourage the promotion of gender equality".

Governance - a warrant of strength for the BRL Group

BRL is a limited, public- and private-owned company with a  Board of Directors and a General Manager. Separating the functions of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and those of the General Manager was a deliberate choice for a good balance of powers.

The main shareholders of BRL are all members of the Board of Directors, which is in charge of administration and determines and monitors corporate strategy. Since 2012, it also comprises two seats for directors representing the workforce. The Board meets when necessary but at least three times a year.

To assist the Board of Directors, there are three advisory committees in charge of preparing its work: the risk review and assessment committee, the investment committee and the selection and remuneration committee.

General Manager Jean-François BLANCHET is in charge of the operational management, steering and coordination of the group. 

Once again for reasons of balance, the functions of Chairman of the Board of Directors of each of the subsidiary companies and those of their General Managers are separate, the respective boards of directors being chaired by Jean-François BLANCHET.

 Emphatic policy along 4 main lines

The Group's CSR policy spans 4 main areas of concern

corporate and social: action in favour of employment and employees,

environmental: securing the availability of quality water supplies and attenuating the effects of Group activities on the environment, 

economic: accompanying local economic development, encouraging innovation and developing new services,

solidarity, local character and culture: support to local initiative - employment and integration - and cultural and community patronage.

 Find the main CSR activities of the BRL Group in the menu opposite. 


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