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Water, Environment, Régional Development

The threefold skills of a developer, designer and manager

For 60 years, BRL has been a part of development in Languedoc-Roussillon with its secured supplies of water (mainly drawn from the Rhone or from dams), meeting the needs of economic activity (tourism, agriculture) and of the local population (drinking water) while protecting the most exposed local resources. 

Our Group offers a wide spectrum of expertise rooted in this experience of the water, environment and land-use management sectors, enabling us to address the challenges of climate change and the increasing demands for water, food and energy that go hand in hand with demographic growth.

In France and abroad, our know-how as a developer, a designer and a manager of large-scale water infrastructure and facilities, and our comprehensive  engineering and landscaping skills are often deployed on emblematic projects :

- the Aqua Domitia programme, flood prevention plans for the Aude Delta and for Nîmes, and the design, creation and maintenance of 120 hectares of park and garden areas in La Grande Motte (in Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrenees), the greenest seaside resort in Europe, 

- restoring the sea around Mont Saint Michel, the Prado artificial reef project to reintroduce fish populations in Marseille's roadstead, the Reunion Island West Coast Irrigation Water Transfer (conveying water from the wet eastern slopes to the dry western areas), offshore wind field studies and port construction... (in other regions of France),

- the Lake Chad Water Charter, transboundary river management on the Nile, the Niger River, the Zambezi, central African wildlife conservation programmes for large mammals, the creation of marine parks and the design and management of large irrigation schemes (18 000 ha in Ethiopia),... (abroad).

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